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Our Coaching Services:

We have two coaching options for new agents and offer new-agent development consulting for brokerages. 

1. The 60-Day New Agent Accelerator: Our on-demand option for new agents. 

The 60-Day New Agent Accelerator is an 8-module, self-paced, and on-demand course for new real estate agents. Priced at $500, the Accelerator was created based on observations from years of coaching new real estate agents and includes content on marketing, mindset, sales, finances, and other critical elements in building a successful real estate career.

Here's how it works: 

  1. First, start module 1 of the New Agent Accelerator.

  2. Next, work through the course at your own pace and complete business-building tasks throughout each module. 

  3. Then, complete the New Agent Accelerator feeling fully equipped to become a reputable and successful agent.

To get started, you can access module 1 of the 60-Day New Agent Accelerator for free. And to learn more about TopNotch Agents, schedule a call with our Head Coach and Founder, Jon, on our home page, so you can learn about how TopNotch Agents can help you avoid the 87% failure rate in real estate and become a confident and competent agent that everybody calls. 


Start the 60-Day New Agent Accelerator

1 on 1 Coaching With Jon: Available in packages or one hour at a time.

These calls are designed to help you get unstuck, solve problems, and build momentum. Bring your questions, challenges, and ideas to get coached individually. 

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Brokerage Consulting & New-Agent Development:

For brokerages that want to support their new agents with coaching, we offer special pricing for the 60-Day New Agent Accelerator for brokerages and real estate teams, and consult brokerages on how to create a new-agent development platform. 

Schedule a time to chat below, or contact Jon at [email protected] and (970)237-2752.

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