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The 60-Day New Agent Accelerator.

An on-demand course that helps brokerages build a high-performing team.

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The 60-Day New Agent Accelerator. 

 An on-demand course that helps brokerages build a high-performing team.


There’s an 87% chance your new agents won’t survive in real estate.

Here’s why:

They might...
  • Not get enough leads or referrals to stay busy.
  • Waste their time on things that arent leading to new clients and commission checks.
  • Bail on the industry because they can't pay the bills.

We believe all of these things can be avoided if a new agent gets proper training in the early days of their career.


About the TopNotch Agents 60-Day New Agent Accelerator:

✅ A 60-Day, Self-Paced Course for New Real Estate Agents.

Outsource your rookie agent development with a self-paced course that frees you up and scales your training.
ūüĒĎ Training Based on Strategies That¬†Helped¬†Me Sell 45 Homes as a Rookie.

The Accelerator is built on proven techniques that helped me build a thriving, 10+ year career in real estate. 
ūüďʬ†Revenue-Focused Action Items

Each day of the course includes action items that will force your new agents to put themselves in front of new clients.

I'm Jon, and I love helping new real estate agents succeed. 

 "As a managing broker or team leader, you have a lot on your plate.
New agents can be demanding, and training them can take up a lot of valuable time you need to focus elsewhere. 

I started TopNotch Agents in 2018 to help new agents succeed and teams develop high performers."

-Jon Holsten
Founder & Coach, TopNotch Agents


More About My Real Estate and Coaching Success:

Jon Holsten became an agent in 2012 after an 18-year career in law enforcement and was blessed to close 47 deals as a rookie agent and 300 deals in his first 5 years. Today, he is an active agent in Northern, CO.

After starting coaching in 2018, a vast majority of agents Jon has coached have built a thriving full-time real estate business. You can see more success stories below. 

Success Stories from Agents Like Yours:
"Jon helped me understand how to grow my business as a rookie agent and I've seen real growth every year since."

Phil - From Soccer Coach to Top Producer
"Jon's method and guidance made it possible for me to see two consecutive six-figure years in my first 3 years of being an agent." 

Dana Myers - Left Corporate America as a Mom of Two Children
"Jon has been an invaluable resource and guide. This program is cutting-edge and helped me become a full-time agent."

Thomas Duel - Transitioned from Part-time to Full-Time Agent.
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How to Get Started: 

1. Purchase the New Agent Accelerator for Your Agents.

You can buy the program for a single agent or dozens.
2. You Gain Back Time While TopNotch Trains Your Agents. 

With TopNotch training your agents, you can spend your time on other high-importance duties

3. Watch Your Team Thrive.
When your agents complete the 60-Day New Agent Accelerator, they'll be confident in their abilities and have the skills needed to be a top producer.



Set Your Agents up for Success.

With the TopNotch Agents 60-Day New Agent Accelerator, your agents will:

- Tap into a strong client base.
- Master their marketing.
- Build an incredible reputation. 
- Gain rapid traction in their real estate career.

- Avoid career-killing mistakes.
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Is your new agent struggling to gain traction?

Have them take our Struggling Agent Assessment:

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About the Assessment:

 - Asks 13 quick questions to pinpoint why your real estate career isn't going as planned.

- Delivers a personalized 3-step action plan based on your results.

- Includes a free coaching call with Jon to discuss your results.  

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