Dominate As A New Real Estate Agent

Become a fully equipped agent in 60 days.

Avoid Mistakes That Hurt
New Agents

Replace Your Previous

Quickly Position Yourself as
a Credible Agent


New agents live in constant fear that they won’t survive in real estate.

Even experienced professionals often struggle to gain traction.

  • Unsure of what activities will lead to sales
  • No strategy for building a strong client base
  • Struggling with marketing and branding

By the end of the 60-Day New Agent Accelerator:

Know Exactly What to do Each Day

Have clarity each day by mastering time management and using our daily agent tasks for guidance.

Position Yourself as a Trustworthy Agent

Build credibility from Day-1 by leveraging experience from your previous career.

Serve Your First Clients With Confidence

Find your first clients and know exactly how to take care of them.

Plus – have continued support after 60 days with 6 months of daily tasks and weekly coaching office hours.

Meet Our Head Coach

“I was 42 years old when I left my stable job in law enforcement to become a real estate agent. I know exactly how it feels to jump head-first into a new career!

I started TopNotch Agents to support other professionals facing anxiety and self-doubt when transitioning into real estate.”

Jon Holsten

– Founder and Head Coach

Helping professionals from all industries confidently transition into real estate.

“I was a soccer coach for years prior to becoming an agent. TopNotch Agents helped me understand how to grow my business as a rookie agent and I’ve seen real growth every year since.”

Phil Cooper – Soccer Coach Turned Successful Agent

“Being new to the real estate industry can be overwhelming. After leaving my previous career, TopNotch Agent’s coaching calls and weekly tasks made the overwhelming become achievable.”

Scott Lowe – Transitioned to Real Estate after 20 years as a pastor

“From day 1 of my real estate journey, Jon and the team at TopNotch agents has been an invaluable resource and guide. This program is cutting edge and helped me become a full-time agent. My confidence, professionalism, and ability to care for my clients has greatly benefitted from TopNotch Agents.”

Thomas Duell – Took the leap from part time to full-time real estate with TopNotch

Meet Your Coach:

Became a Real Estate Agent After 17 Years in Law Enforcement

Closed 47 Deals in His First Year as an Agent

Practicing High-Volume Agent in Colorado

Your 3-Step Plan

1. Check Out our 60-Day Agent Accelerator Program.

You’ll get everything you need to nail your transition to real estate.

2. Claim Your Spot Before Enrollment Closes

To provide the most value, we cap entry at 10 agents per rotation.

3. Become a Fully Equipped Agent

Build your clientbase and begin a vibrant career in real estate with confidence.

For new agents and professionals considering a switch to real estate:

Insights on gaining momentum, predicting the future, and succeeding in real estate.

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